Exploring on Foot

Cone Incense in Guangdong Shunde Nama Mama
Hello everyone! I’m happy to report that temperatures have come down! It now feels like Qinghai at the hight of summer! Do you know what that means? It’s November and I still haven’t gotten out any of my warmer clothes. While the locals shiver in their jackets, I frolic down the streets of the nearby city wearing short-pants and t-shirts, taking photos.

This past month I have been really happy. Mostly because the weather is good enough that I can get outside and start exploring the world around me. And explore I have!  It’s been wonderful to get up early, go out with my camera and discover Guangdong. So far I’ve made friends with a family, watched a dragon boat race, and taken gazillions of photos of old houses and well kept ancestral temples. I’ve also joined a photography club that travels around this city’s villages and takes photos. They’re curious and happy to have a foreign member of their club.

Dragon Boat Races Beijiao Shunde Guangdong Nama Mama

So as luck would have it, I was able to go to a dragon boat race this year. Usually they are held in June during Duanwu Holiday. This town has theirs in October though, which is probably smarter, as the weather is much nicer.

I went there with my new friends who live in the town, a family with three daughters. I’ve been meeting with them to play badminton and to enjoy their delicious cooking. We all speak standard Mandarin together (poorly), which none of us is a native speaker. At least mine is good enough to go out into the world and make friends who don’t also speak English.

Window Guangdong Shunde Beijiao Nama Mama
Now that the weather is comfortable, I’ve been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. Not only to see the world but to make a separate life for myself unrelated to my work. Being at work, or nearby during off hours is a good way to get roped into working, if you’re not careful. I’ve discovered. That’s one of the dangers of working and living with your friends.

Things will be changing again in the next couple of months. K and KL will be joining me down here, probably in January, so I am preparing for that. I want to help him find a good job, find us a nice place to live, and secure a kindergarten spot for Autumn. Our family will be together again! And in another very far away and different place. Hopefully this will be the last leg of our nomadic journey, and we can work hard and save up quickly so that we can really settle down.

I’m optimistic about Guangdong. I wonder why I never gave it a chance before. It’s full of hidden treasures. It’s just the heat that has to be dealt with. Well, so far winter is fantastic!

Chinese Blue Journal Nama Mama
Another very positive thing is my job. I’m really starting to enjoy it. I even look forward to teaching certain classes! I think this is a major breakthrough when it comes to happiness and job satisfaction. I may come to enjoy teaching after all!

Unrelated, I’ve joined Instagram (properly). I’m having such an amazing time browsing through inspirational photos and following skilled and creative photographers. If you’d like to follow me my handle is shema_lep_tibetan_blankets . I post photos from all over China and Tibet. I also post photos related to our blanket business (which is chugging along!) and you can visit our website at shema-lep.com !

One concern we have when K moves here is who is going to do the legwork for the blanket business. We are still trying to figure that out. In any case, I don’t want to take a break from it. We’re going to try to keep it going. Our customers are all pleased with their blankets, and are happy that we are able to keep some plateau handicrafts alive.

So I was right, 2017, albeit toward the end, has been a time for improvements.


Cooling Off

The Ocean in Guangdong China Asia Nama Mama

I’m more than a month into my new teaching job, and more than three months into my Guangdong adventure. Time continues to fly by unconcerned if it is being spent doing and seeing interesting things.

For a while, it was hard for me to find energy. Endless stifling heat weighed down on my body like giant sandbags and I wondered if it would ever end. Luckily I was usually able to spend much of my time indoors with decent air conditioning, so that I could actually get some work done.

Only recently have I been able to comfortably venture outside and explore my surroundings. Yet another typhoon has arrived, and so has fall, I’m told. This past week I have spent my mornings on foot, finally exploring what this area has to offer.

Temple Gate under the Full Moon Nama MamaThe first week of October is one of China’s golden travel weeks. This year it was two holidays in one: National day and the Mid Autumn Festival. Like the students, we had the full week off, and I was fortunate enough to still get some wonderful traveling in, as well as spend time with some of my favorite people. I went to my WWAM friend C’s husband’s home town with her family. It was a very interesting and mostly delightful experience. I was able to give her some advice and tell her about some of the things she should expect. It was her first time to visit the village, so everybody was a bit nervous.  For me it was nice to be able to get to know another multicultural family without the pressure that goes along with actually being a member of it.

They rented a car and we drove there. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the province. Guangdong, a place I was never interested in visiting. I can say now that I was wrong to write it off.

Shanjiao Village Door in Guangdong ChinaI continue to mostly enjoy my teaching job here. The students are getting to know me, and are starting to address me by name. They’re all little balls of energy, but most of the time they are actually delightful. I teach with a local guy who goes by the name Billy, and the two of us take turns leading the classes.

I really enjoy the amount of creative freedom I have by teaching at this school. Some of the challenges include having an unpredictable boss, not being able to make plans for more than one day in advance, and having a clear work-life separation. Still and all, I can honestly say that most of the time I am happy, and that is something I haven’t been able to say for a really long time.

It is possible that K and A will join me here in a few months. Now I am focused on finding him a good job here, and looking for a good, affordable kindergarten for A. Hopefully we will be reunited as a family in a few months. Keep your fingers crossed!

Back to School

Lantern Flower Qinghui Yuan

It has arrived, that dreaded, celebrated time of year for parents, teachers, and students: Back to school. It’s also a very different experience this time, mostly for one particular reason: I don’t mind teaching here.

You heard it right, I feel like I made the right decision to come here and work with B. Her education philosophy is so much better than anything else I have experienced in China, and by implementing it in all of the classes, after one full week of teaching well behaved kids who know useful English phrases, who enjoy the classes and learn in a natural way….it’s been wonderful.

Window and Roof Tiles Nama Mama

Aside from teaching, life here is quite relaxing. It’s finally starting to get a tiny bit cooler, which gives me more motivation to get out and see more of what Guangdong has to offer. On my Saturday off a few weeks ago I went to an amazing Chinese garden. One of my very favorite things to do is visit ancient places in Asia and appreciate traditional architecture and landscape design. That was one of the happiest Saturdays in recent years and I’m looking forward to going back soon.

Stained Glass Window Nama Mama
I live in a beautiful wealthy compound, in a house with several housemates. The whole compound is like a modern tropical garden. When I look out the window at the other fake-stucco houses, I could be in Florida. It’s the most beautiful and comfortable place I’ve ever lived in China. It’s a China that I didn’t know existed.

Qing Hui Yuan Building Nama Mama

My day is also backwards, we start work 2:30 every day, and there are three classes in the evenings starting at 6:00. When I’m not teaching, I’m writing lesson plans, preparing materials or making craft projects. If I have to stay in the English teaching profession, this may be as good as it gets. I may stay here for longer than anticipated.

Traditional Building in Guangdong Nama Mama

As for my family life, it is in some ways hard to be apart from KL, but we are able to have almost nightly video chats, where I read books to her and get to enjoy her mischievous or genuinely happy smiles.

Still no news about when we will be together as a family again. As much as I was disappointed and sad to leave, I now see that it has been good for me. I’m losing weight, I have time to work on a number of projects that I have been putting off, and I have time to examine what I actually really want in life, and how to go and get it, instead of just trying everything in my power to be able to very basic things.

It’s a little scary but also very empowering. Sometimes we get get stuck in a situation or place, and we forget that the world is big and there are other options and places and people. My relocation was forced, but now I see it could be one of the best things for me. Let’s see what the future brings.

Satan’s Armpit

Plumeria Guangdong Nama Mama

I’ve been putting off an update. As you know, recent weeks have been a period of major adjustment. Leaving my husband and daughter, flying down to the second-hottest possible area of China to live (there is still Hainan Island…), and starting a new life, that’s what I’ve been up to for the last three weeks.

I bet you’re all wondering how that’s going.

Well, I have to say that my overall first impressions of nearly every aspect of my new life are overwhelmingly positive.

Lazer Tag Nama Mama

I had a couple of days to truly appreciate the intense heat and humidity, as well as get to know B and her crew before the summer camp started. I walked around exhausted, feeling like I weighed three hundred pounds (have you ever been to the tropics?). Summer camp was truly exhausting. Every night I just fell in to bed after the ritual evening shower and lowering of the mosquito net.

But camp was also amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in China.  The children were well behaved, and all of them know what they were supposed to say and when they should say it. All day I was surrounded by “May I please go to the bathroom?” and “May I have some more broccoli please?” It was surreal.

Because they were so well behaved, the staff was able to do all sorts of fun games and activities with them, without worrying about fights, safety, or them running off. I expected to have to deal with a lot of discipline problems, and when there were almost none, I was left to teach them crafts and serve them more vegetables.

Red Lantern in the Garden Nama Mama

After camp, B and myself, who hit it off very well, did a lot of office work and resting. We also started the Keto diet together, or at least a slightly more relaxed version of it. Basically we try to avoid all carbs and sugars, and limit our food to meats, dairy, and non-starchy vegetables. I thought it would be difficult, but so far I don’t have any cravings. As long as I can feel full, I don’t even feel the need to snack! I think I am just very very lucky.

I’m also already losing inches, and I’ve had some other nice health benefits such as better digestion, and a bit more energy (or perhaps I’m feeling weighed down somewhat less)

This kind of diet would almost be impossible in Qinghai, so I’m taking advantage of having a keto buddy and having more foods around me than bread and noodles.

Stinky Fruit Guangdong Nama Mama

I’m also really enjoying the people here where I live. Of course it is only one small area of an enormous province, but there are so many stark contrasts to my experience in Northern China. In general, people are friendly. Even the grandmas! People often say hello to me before I say “ni hao” to them. It is quite a nice change from the stern judgemental nai nais in the north.

And people genuinely seem happy here. In general. That’s a really nice change. And you know what. I find that I am happy too. Now I am feeling cautiously optimistic that the good parts of 2017 can finally begin. Once I get my daughter here, I think things will be as happy as there is potential for in our current situation. So that is the next step. Arranging for her kindergarten.

I’m looking forward to starting classes at my new school this fall. If the summer camp is any indication of what the regular school year will be like, I may regret not moving here years ago. And let’s see when/if I ever do leave.

Decisions Made

Recent Projects

Buddha Statue With Colorful Red Scarf Nama MamaI’ve been a blog slacker, I apologize, but I’ve been on my computer a lot these days doing other things. I’ve decided to get into Stock Photography. I did some research about it, and thought that I must have a lot of photographs that I’ve taken over the last 5 years that people may enjoy and find worth purchasing. For each sale, I get a percentage as a commission. So far I’ve sold four photos. Not bad for a newbie.

Bird Cages Around the Muslim Mosque Nama Mama

Now that I’ve uploaded my best photos from my own archives, I’ve started going out with my camera with the intention of taking new photos. Taking photos with the hopes of selling them on stock photography websites means you have to think differently. Those websites don’t want photos of regular touristy things. People who purchase photos will use them on websites, blogs, and who knows what else, even billboards, and they should fit certain categories and fill certain needs.

So now I go out and sometimes take photos of brick walls and random graffiti on buildings, as well as my favorite other kinds of photos, all in the hopes I can generate some passive income over time by doing something that I really love.

Village Chorton Early Morning Kora Springtime Nama Mama
My health is improving a lot in recent months, and that goes to show us all how much happiness makes a difference in our overall well being. Having time to myself, not needing to yell at people all day long, and being able to step back and reevaluate my situation have made the last two months the best I’ve had in the last two years.

First of the New Blankets In The Village Me Nama Mama Shemelep

The blanket business is my baby. After we give the tailors their instructions though, there isn’t much any of us can do except wait. Finally last weekend we were able to go back to the village and see how they were doing. Our second tailor, a disabled neighbor to K’s parents, had finished two blankets. One is in the photo behind me. How exciting!

Over the weekend we arranged for another tailor, and heard that or first tailor should be returning soon, and can hopefully get started on some of the bigger blankets.

Lastly it looks like I will be actually starting that course development job that I talked about before, soon. Ha. Life in Asia is so unpredictable. Cross your fingers!

I knew I had a good feeling about this year!

Tibetan Style Blankets

Shemelep Nama Mama Tibetan Style Blankets Green Blue Red Border 1m by 1m Amdo Tibet

I knew I had a good feeling about 2017. I was starting to feel guilty about not bringing in any money recently so I asked K if we could see if there would be any interest in our blanket business. I prepared an advertisement for Wechat, and got a lot of feedback. Then I created a group to discuss with potential customers. The response was overwhelming! It was certainly enough to get the ball rolling.

Over the weekend and Qingming Festival, we received 15 blanket orders and many people are asking when we’ll take the next batch!

We took this opportunity to go to Gansu and get wholesale materials. I haven’t been this excited about something in a really really long time. Right I am working on pricing and marketing.

Shemelep Nama Mama Tibetan Style Blankets Me KL Red Brocade Edge Jiangsu China
One thing I’m worried about are the tailors. Not that they will do a good job or not, but how quickly they can finish, and if they have a good understanding of the colors and sizes. We were not able to stay in the village for very long, so hopefully with the help of their younger relatives and smart phones, everything will be clear. Whether the work can get done quickly or not is another matter. That is a cultural difference.

So these days look for my blogs and pages for Shemelep (which means Butterfly in Amdo Tibetan) to be updated and refreshed. If you know someone who may be interested in a blanket inspired by Tibetan traditional robes and Amdo Tibetan culture, feel free to contact me.

Shemelep Nama Mama Tibetan Style Blankets Green Gold Brocade Edge Zhouzhuang Jiangsu China K