Big News!

New Old ArchitecturePlease excuse the long absence of updates. Recently I have not had as much energy as I usually do, and you will soon know the reason why! But now it is time to update this blog again, so here I go!

Summer has again arrived in Guangdong, providing copious amounts of rain from typhoons, lots of cloudy days, and increasingly hot weather. Like I told K it would, the smaller bedroom with the good A/C has become my favorite room in our apartment. (He for some reason prefers to sit in the living room with a slightly broken fan aimed in his direction, I am not sure why.)

Big changes are coming yet again because of some big news!

Pregnancy Announcement

That’s right! I am pregnant! K and I are both happy about the news, though it does change our life trajectory once again. At the end of this school term we will be returning to Qinghai, in order to be close to his family and to be able to focus on our blanket business.  Never have I been more motivated to do my best in a creative endeavor.

One thing I find interesting about the big news is that while I have been bursting to share the news since the moment I knew, K has yet to say anything to his family. When I asked him why, he said that Tibetans don’t generally share news with people if it will not change anything about their daily lives.  Tibetans also do not generally share pregnancy news anyway because anything could happen. It’s interesting; in my culture I would be scolded for keeping something this exciting to myself, and in his culture he would be scolded for sharing!

Sweet Potato Gao

Since my time in Guangdong is now limited, I’m trying to soak up all the good and beautiful things about it before I have to leave. These include tangible things like beautiful tropical flowers and beautifully recreated traditional buildings, and intangible things like convenience and autonomy. When I think back to my year here, I always feel grateful for B. If it was not for her, I would not have been able to heal, lose weight, or find some joy in my profession in China.

Well, as I finish my cold bubble milk tea, I’ll also finish this post. Once I am living in reliable wifi, my updates should not be so few and far between! Also there will be a lot more action on all things Blanket business! Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Shanell says:

    Congrats to you and your family! I find the cultural difference regarding “sharing news” fascinating. How will they finally learn of the pregnancy? Will they know they only know when they notice your belly growing? Will they ask you about it if they suspect?

    I know if would have such a hard time keeping it in. It must be torture!


    • Nama-mama says:

      Thank you! KL has told a niece over video chat but not sure if the niece heard properly or not. They will likely officially know when they see me in person in August!


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