Stateside Interlude

Lake Huron Sunset 2018

I’ve been back in America for a little over a month. I was forced to return to my homeland to attempt to change my visa type to the only one that could possibly make sense in our current situation: The Visiting Family Visa. Good news! It was issued to me without any fuss. Well, no fuss at the consulate anyway. This trip I had to spend almost a week near Chicago, relying on the kindness of friends and navigating some of America’s great train systems in order to affordably make everything come together.

After everything was finished with my visa, I headed east to be reunited with my family. Being back with family is always a relief. Finally I can be with people who have known me most of their lives, and communication is not a problem at all.

Michigan Pine Cone 2018

I wasn’t able to bring KL with me this time, and that was a big disappointment for everyone. I am very sorry that it didn’t work out that she could come (with my pregnancy and how things worked out time-wise in China, it didn’t work out to bring her), but it has been easier for me here being without her, especially when I was navigating cities and trains. I’m hoping that next time we visit, all four of us can come and enjoy a nice holiday.

Blueberries 2018

During my time with family and friends, I’ve gotten to do a lot of wonderful things (frankly, I am continuously spoiled). Summer is an excellent time to be in Michigan. Here are some of the things I’ve had a chance to do since I’ve been home:

*visiting relatives
*eating hamburgers
*browsing library booksales
*seeing ‘The Lion King’ musical!
*thrift store shopping
*blueberry picking
*visiting lighthouses
*eating Michigan ice cream
*watching Netflix
*getting online work done
*enjoying so many foods and snacks I seldom get to eat

Nature's Eye 2018

All too soon my long and strenuous journey back to China will begin. It is always hard to say goodbye to friends and family here and seems to get harder each time I visit.

But my small family is waiting for me, and missing me. Everything has been set up for our move back to Xining. K has a job, we have a nice rental apartment (with half of our storage stuff also there, just waiting for me to go through it when I get back (my poor poor husband!)), and our blanket business, just waiting to kick into high gear upon my return. I’m excited to see what we can do when I get back.

For now I will enjoy my last few remaining days with pot lucks and card games.

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