A Taste of Home on the Tibetan Plateau

Tibetan Tent in a garden 18 Nama Mama

Welp, I’ve been back in Qinghai for a bit over a month. Part of that time was spent in a state of fatigue and jetlag after an impressively tiring trip back across the globe. Part of it was spent settling into our new rental apartment (where I spent much of my time washing clothes and bedding from one of our storages). Part of it was spent traveling around the province trying to get my residence permit (which we were finally able to do, at the very last minute and after some worry).

But it wasn’t all just a daze of buses and laundry, we find a nice kindergarten for KL, (probably the closest one to our home that she’s ever attended), we met up with some friends, made a trip to the hometown, and perhaps most exciting, we heard about a Raspberry Farm in the next prefecture over. Can you believe it? An honest to goodness raspberry picking paradise! Of course we had to head over there as soon as possible. It did not disappoint!

Raspberries 18 Nama Mama
I was taken back to my childhood, putting more berries into my stomach than the pails and everything! And it wasn’t just an orchard, there were also fields of flowers, Tibetan style tents, and special foods. We enjoyed a big bowl of pulled noodles and delicious cups of 8 treasures tea. This is definitely a place we will visit yearly as long as it’s open. We even thought about starting our own farm in K’s hometown. Turns out local people are not so keen on this fruit. Mostly foreigners take advantage of this treasure.

Eight Treasures Tea 18 Nama Mama

Now that I have my residence permit, KL is settled into school, and K has his job, we can finally really relax and settle into a routine until baby #2 comes into our lives. K has been getting crafty in his free time, he’s built us a beautiful bookshelf (without a plan or photo!) and a small work table. Next he plans to make a crib. It is so inspiring to have such a creative and resourceful handyman in the house.

Our lives are going to change dramatically again soon, and I’m trying to ready myself for an infant. I’m getting as much uninterrupted sleep and time with good friends in before it’s time to be a perpetually tired hermit. Now it’s the October Holiday in China, when most people get a full week off. I’m hoping we will go somewhere nearby for a day or two, as it may be our last chance to do so for quite some time.

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