Spring in the ‘Ning

Kunlun Bridge for Nama Mama

This year, spring in Xining was a fragrant natural masterpiece with pink and white blossoms at every turn. Purple lilacs made the air smell like perfume. The weather has been getting very nice and sometime even hot. Our family has had many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature, which has been lovely.

We’ve taken a few trips to the hometown recently, during holidays and weekends, to help out, to visit our tailor and to enjoy the countryside. I find myself appreciating being back in Qinghai. It’s seasons, scenery, and diversity really make me feel warm even the weather is chilly.

Blossoms for Nama Mama
I’ve made a new foreign friend “K” from England. She gets me out of the house once a week and we go exploring around the city. I pride myself on knowing this city pretty well, but last week we found a traditional Chinese Guild Hall I had never even heard of before! It was beautiful and wonderful! I will definitely be visiting it again.

Though my FB may make it look like I am always on the go, I actually spend most of my time at home with PY. Recently I have been sorting and packing everything up for our next move (Yes…we will be moving once again…)

We have a plan to rent a larger apartment this time, and hopefully do something useful with it. It will be in a more central area of the city which will be much easier to get to places and meet friends.

Roof Tiles for Nama MamaThis summer is going to be busy. I’m sure I’ll have quite a lot more to say in my next post!

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