I’m a traveler, and a mother; a librarian and a foreign daughter-in-law. I’m a woman from Michigan (USA), who has decided to experience life from the other side of the world, making my home in Xining City (西宁市), Qinghai Province (青海省) located in western China.


Xining isn’t the first place I’ve lived in China, but I find it to be the most interesting and culturally diverse. I first came to the Middle Kingdom in 2005 when I signed on to be an Oral English teacher at a college in Shijiazhuang City (石家庄) in Hebei Province (河北省) (say that three times fast!). The following year I took an editing job in capital city Beijing (北京).

Following my stint in the home of Peking Duck, I went back to the states to get my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. (That’s right, I am a certified librarian.) By then I was itching to get back to China and decided to make my home out west, where the air is cleaner, the food is heartier, and the people are diverse.

I used to joke with my parents before I left that I was going to find a nice man there and settle down. To my surprise and delight (and my mother’s disappointment) it really happened. K and I were married on July 28th 2012…


…and on August 2nd 2012. We had two weddings, one western style in the city and one Tibetan style in the village.


We’ve been happily married ever since, and last September we welcomed the third member of our little family.


This blog is to document, entertain, educate, and sometimes just to blow off some steam! I hope you enjoy it!

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    • Nama-mama says:

      We use English as a family language. In Xining we use primarily Chinese unless we interact with Tibetans or Tibetan-speaking Muslims. Then outside of the city in Tibetan areas they use Tibetan (I use my few words of Tibetan or Chinese, or just sit quietly haha. Our daughter now switches between languages effortlessly and it’s so awesome to watch!

      The shipping cost would depend on the size/weight of the blanket. Let me know what sizes you would be interested in and I can find out roughly how much it would cost. Do you use Wechat?


      • Hello NM,
        Not knowing size/weight, howz bout you selecting (1) a throw for the back of a couch, and (2) a comforter or blanket for a bed, and estimating price and shipping for a couple of example weights on hand? Do you have an email catalog yet?

        Don’t use WeChat. You do get some cold nights there, according to annual temp charts [blankets good]. Bundle up. Hope all will be well with the new kidling. Hi to all.



  1. chinagreenlake.com

    Hope you and your readers are interested in something new about China. Something old, too.

    The main (but not exclusive) focus is on the province readers of yours are least likely to know much about and one they would be most interested to find out about: Yunnan.

    I’ve periodically been emailing friends something about my experiences here, starting way back in 2003 when we lived in Kunming for an entire year because we wanted our adopted daughter (adopted @ 10 1/2 months old, Hunan) to experience China (2nd grade, we put her in the local school). After we returned I’ve continued to pursue a biodiversity conservation project in Yunnan, so return twice each year for extended stays in the spring and then again in the fall.

    I’ve now collected and edited all these and added to them essays based on some of the fascinating Kunming-connected books which I’ve read and enjoyed.

    The result is an ebook, “Green Lake: Reflections from the Surface of China”, which I have just published, and which is now available from Amazon (as ebook or paperback, 720 pages, surprisingly). The book alternates between diary-like chapters which I call “feet on soil” chapters, and the reading essays (a number of which deal with the thirties and forties) which I call “nose in books” chapters.

    In addition, there’s a companion website introducing the book, to which will slowly — over the next year or two — be posted substantial portions of the book. More about this (and the ebook) on the website, once you click on the above link. You will also find an Author Profile there.

    Also of note is that the website (ditto ebook) works just as well on your phone as it does on your computer. Give it a try.

    Hardy Wieting, Jr

    ps. Here’s a brief list of some topics covered (full Extended Table of Contents is available by clicking on the Addendum page of the website):

    Yunnan province | Kunming | History of China | Opium Wars |
    Autumn Moon Festival | Beijing | Forbidden City | Hong Kong | SARS | viral |
    Arthur Waley | Commissioner Lin | Extraterritoriality | Footbinding | prostitution | Qing dynasty |
    UNESCO | Chinese TV | December 1 Incident | William Empson | Mao’s war against nature |
    Drought | Edgar Snow | Red Star Over China | Shaemus Anderson | Chinese Maritime Customs |
    Warlords | John Fairbank | OSS | Great Chinese Revolution | National Geographic |
    Arnold Arboretum | Naxi people | Xishuangbanna | Jinghong | Mandarin duck | Hoopoe |
    pirate DVDs | Silkie | Dogs | Graham Peck | Peking Legation Quarter | Mongols | Gobi |
    Sino-Japanese War | Eileen Power | Ezra Pound | East Germany | Paul Theroux | Green Lake |
    Zhu De | Claire Chennault | Flying Tigers | Chengdu | Sichuan earthquake |
    City planning | financial crisis | Ponzi schemes | Finnland |
    Chungking | World War II | Strategic bombing | Ma Yin-chu | One-child policy |
    Gung-ho | worker co-ops | feudalism | Loyang | Paul Frillmann | Burma Road | Mussolini | John Birch |
    Julia Child | David Shambaugh | Sydney Rittenberg | Brezhnev | Vermeer | Silver | Jianshui |
    Theodore White | Teddy White | Jimmy Stewart |
    Henry Luce | Joseph Stilwell | Honan famine | McCarthyism | Marshall Plan |
    Andrew Marr | Violence in British history |Dali | Bai people | Weishan |
    Arab Spring | going viral | Joseph Alsop | T.V. Soong | Chiang Kai-shek | Madame Chiang Kai-shek|
    Toungoo, Burma | General MacArthur | Trident Conference | Georgetown | Bo Xilai | Princelings |
    Xi Zhongxun | Xi Jinping | Jimmy Browne of Winnetka | Jeremy Lin | Tea Horse Road | Midu |
    Herbert and Lou Hoover | John Paton Davies | missionaries | China Hands | Fort Ord |
    Eugene Sledge | Old Breed | Band of Brothers | Shanxi noodles | Yenan | Vintage wine | Ghost cities |
    Jihad | Beyond the Clouds | Phil Agland | Lijiang | Black Dragon Pool |
    Internet access | Proxy servers | Zhou Yongkang | Jack Belden | Women in the Revolution |
    Peter Rand | Christopher Rand | Nixon in China | Advocacy journalism | Chinese police station |
    Chinese funeral | Feng shui | Cyberattacks | Malware | Tambora | Botany | Mango | Xiong |
    Long Yun | Wen Yiduo | Monkeys | and much more


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