Finally an Update

Nama Mama(19)
At long last, finally I present to you, an update to this blog. How could more than a half year go by between posts? The answer is simple. The software that I use to be able to access this and other western websites on my computer wasn’t working. I couldn’t get it to work for months and months. So I mostly gave up. Now during this time of the corona virus and self quarantine, for some reason it has started working again.

So where did I leave off last time? It was glorious summer and we were basking in the strong sunshine in the village.

Nama Mama(18)

Fall was a busy and difficult time for me. We decided not to send KL to another year of kindergarten since she already graduated, but wasn’t old enough to start first grade. This meant that she would be staying home all day with me and her baby sister PY. I was not anticipating this to happen so the first couple months of the school term were difficult. I started to have her do homework on weekdays and she finally stopped fighting me after a few months of constant struggling. I am worried about her being behind her classmates when it is time to start first grade but I seem to be the only one with concerns.

In September we celebrated her sixth birthday at her friend J’s house. I made pumpkin cake with white frosting, decorating the top with Skittles.

October holiday was busy as we took a small group around to many of the nearby Tibetan areas. It was wonderful to be a tourist again (though I am kind of always a tourist anyway). On that trip we finally got to visit TD’s remodeled art school in Labrang and to catch up with our friends there. It was definitely a highlight of the autumn months.

Nama Mama(22)
I stayed at home with the kids most of the time but sometimes we visited the village. We visited our tailor and picked up finished blankets. Sometimes we went to a city in Gansu to restock blanket materials. Having our own car has made our life exponentially more comfortable and convenient.

Nama Mama(23)
Our blanket season went very well and it has inspired confidence in everyone involved. We couldn’t do it without the help of some family members who live closer to our tailor, so we are very grateful for their help and support. We are looking forward to starting back up again in 2020.

Nama Mama(21)
It was a beautiful fall and I felt fortunate to take many wonderful photos. Not only were the trees showing off their most brilliant colors, but the area where I live was starting to as well. There are more and more big beautiful Muslim restaurants, new houses, construction projects, and even a new tourist attraction to celebrate the Salar Muslim culture in Xunhua. As a Chinese architecture nut, I am in my element.

That about sums up how this autumn was for us. Stay tuned for an update about this winter, and hopefully a year in review.

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